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To get the ball rolling on your project......... 

SCHEDULING YOUR PROJECT: To schedule your project on my calendar, please confirm by email or a phone call, and, if there is an appropriate opening, I will add your project to my schedule and will then immediately prepare and send you a contract-worksheet and ask that you complete and sign the contract-worksheet and return same to me via email.  

I'll also send you a Guidelines/Etiquette sheet - Please read thoroughly as it will help the project flow smoothly!


  • When you need your envelopes or other materials project done & finished.  (see "Deadlines" below for more information).
  • Count of how many envelopes, cards or other materials that need to be addressed or done.  I need this for scheduling purposes.
  • Guest List - typed in a word document - please see Full Instructions below!
  • Everything you need done on your project -  do you need the return address also added to the envelope flap, or the rsvp envelopes addressed?  Special ink colors?  I need to know this when you book my services as it is very difficult to book additional services later on.
  • 10% extra envelopes or other materials being used in the project. 
  • Changes to envelope guest count or printer delays or if you have to postpone or cancel your project!

10% EXTRA ENVELOPES/MATERIALS: To ensure that I have plenty of envelopes or other materials to do your project (in the event of an error ), please order at least  10%  extra - thanks in advance!
DEADLINES:  Trying to figure out when you need your envelopes or materials finished can be kind of tricky, but is a very important part of the project.  First decide when you want your envelopes in the mail  and  then how long it will take you to assemble your invites (factoring in if you'll have any help with the assembling  project) .  I can give you an estimate on how long it will take me to finish the calligraphy part of it.  Then using all this information should help you figure out when you need your envelopes from the printer or your invitation vendor. 

It is very difficult to change deadlines later on my calendar, especially during wedding season, so plan carefully......thanks!

PROJECT DETAILS:  Please let me know everything that needs to be done with your envelopes or materials at the time you schedule your project.  Do you need the return address added to the outer envelope flap, or the full name and return address written on your rsvp envelopes or do you need special ink colors, etc?   I need to know this so that I can give you an accurate time that it will take me to finish your project - finding out later can cause problems, especially in the busy wedding season - so let me know EVERYTHING  up front!

Please provide a typewritten single spaced, single column guest list in word format (typed down the left side of the page only) reflecting exactly how you want the name and address lines to appear on the envelopes as shown below. Please do not number your listings - affects formatting when the lines are centered.

Client is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the guest list or text to be used in any and all projects - please proof your list or text before giving to me.   Please spell out all words, including state names.  The only exception is St. and Mt. 



Mr. and Mrs. John R. Smith
2019 Carrington Road
Atlanta, Georgia   30306
Mr. and Mrs. Smith

 If, for any reason, you  encounter delays with your invitation vendor or must postpone or  even cancel your order, I ask that you immediately contact me so that I can make the necessary changes to my calendar and open that time up for another client.   If you are late getting your envelopes, materials or guest list to me, based on the agreed-upon start and finish dates, the deadline may likely need to be changed and there may even be times I'll be unable to do your project. 

DEPOSIT:  A  non-refundable deposit for 1/2 of the amount due is required  at the time you mail or bring me your envelopes or other materials.  The final balance is due at the time of delivery - it is my policy not to release finished project unless paid in full.
WEDDING ENVELOPES: I can finish 100 outer and inside envelope sets in approximately 3-4 days or less.  It is advisable to have your invitations in the mail no later than six weeks prior to the wedding date (for weddings during vacation or holiday months - no later than 8 weeks), so plan accordingly.   
NOTE:  If the envelopes are lined, opaque or metallic, there will be an extra $.25 per envelope set charged. 

Helpful Hint:  Before you mail your invitations, be sure to take a complete invitation set to the post office to have it weighed for the correct postage - be aware that some envelope sizes require additional postage.  Nothing is more upsetting than getting your undelivered invitations back right before your event because you didn't use enough postage!  

INVITATION DESIGN & LAYOUT:  You can have your invitation suite custom designed to your own specifications.  You will need to provide me with a typewritten copy of the text that you want for each piece so that I can give you a quote for the layout work.  Once the quote is approved, there will be a consultation to discuss the specific details of the layout and design and if it is agreed that you want me to begin work, I will do a layout of all pieces and submit to you for approval.  Then you can take the original layout of the pieces to a printer to have your invitations printed.  I require a non-refundable deposit for 1/2 of the amount owed, before the layout work begins. 

FRAMEABLE PROJECTS:  If your project will be framed, you'll need to first decide the size of frame and if it will be matted - this will help determine how much actual print and margin space that I will have to work with.   Next, you'll need to decide on the color scheme for the paper stock, matting and frame and ink color that you want for this project.   A deposit is required before project work begins.

Calligraphy Expressions LLC  has in its inventory a wide array of sheet paper stock in a full spectrum of colors and textures as well as various ink colors, in the event you need it for your project, the cost of which will be added to the cost to do the project.
CAUTION:  Envelopes, invitations and place cards come in a myriad of paper types, so keep in mind when selecting your product that those with a metallic, vellum or slick surfaces are not the best materials on which to use liquid type inks, the preferred ink medium of most calligraphers.   
In fact, some inks (no matter how long you allow them to dry) will smear or even rub off these surfaces.  Other paperstock can contain a high fiber content which tends to "grab" the ink and cause it to spread.  In these instances, a gel type ink may have to be used instead and the calligraphic effect of the lettering may be harder to achieve. 


  • If a rush deadline is requested by client to finish the project.
  • If a full sample of project (not including an envelope sample) is requested.
  • If any address information, such as a zipcode, has to be looked up and provided for envelope projects by Calligraphy Expressions LLC.
  • If Calligraphy Expressions LLC  supplies any paper materials or special ink colors for project.
  • If client requests that finished product and/or unused materials be mailed or sent by UPS or Federal Express.
  • If project mailings result in more than one trip to the post office.
  • If Calligraphy Expressions LLC  has to pickup from client the materials to be used for the project and/or has to deliver finished product to client outside a 3-mile radius of company site located in Lilburn, GA.  In order to continue to offer my reasonable rates, I can't be driving long distances to meet clients.


                             SOME OTHER THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW:
 All projects done by Calligraphy Expressions LLC  are done under contract - this clearly defines for both you, the client, and Calligraphy Expressions LLC  all specific details of the project such as cost, materials, lettering style, deadlines and delivery, before we get started so that both parties can have peace of mind.





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