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         Thank  you  for  dropping by the Calligraphy Expressions  website.  If  you're needing beautiful  handwritten calligraphy  for  your envelopes, invitations, menus, place cards and frameable projects, with quick turnaround and fantastic rates,
 you've come to the "write" place.   

          I do this business on a full time basis for clients not only
in Atlanta, but nationwide!  

           Take a look around (by clicking on the brown menu bar at the top of the page) and let me know if you have any questions by clicking on "Contact Us"  and drop me a line or give me a call to discuss and schedule your important project.  
                                                      Diane Rember
                                                     Calligraphy Expressions, LLC

What I can do for you - please scroll down:

Envelopes -

Place/Escort Cards -
Artstar by Laura Stone photo -
InStyle Magazine

Table Number Cards/Small Signs -


Embroidery Creations on hoops - great as gifts for your bridal party or anyone!

Whimsical Pinwheel Escort Cards

Seating Charts -

Menus -
    Artstar by Laura Stone photo - InStyle Magazine

Wedding Invitation Layout/Design -

    ~ Letterpress Invitations ~
                       Handwritten Invitation & Matching Envelope

Frameable Projects -


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