Just send me a message me via "ABOUT/CONTACT",  or directly at or call me at 678-887-0571, providing your name, contact information & project details - how many envelopes need to be addressed, etc. and your deadlines to have everything finished.  I'll get right back to you with the cost to do your project and if you're ready to book my services,  a contract-worksheet and guest list preparation instructions will be sent to you, making everything official.  

The Guidelines Sheet as well as an Etiquette Chart and Invitation Assembly Instructions are also available in printable pdf form (below).

DELAYS/CANCELLATIONS - Please keep me posted on any changes to the project and/or any delays that will affect my getting your project done by the agreed-upon timeline.  IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL, please contact me immediately, so that I can open that time up to another client needing my services - much appreciated!

ENVELOPES & OTHER MATERIALS - Please provide at least 10% extra envelopes (ex. 100 addresses/110 envelopes) or materials to allow for errors or late-breaking address changes - always wise to have extra!


  • What kind of envelopes or materials you will be using - are they dark in color, heavily lined, metallic?  This helps me determine what inks/pens that will work best and to provide you accurate pricing.
  • Everything you need done - such as adding the return address to your envelopes, adding name & return address to reply envelopes, etc.  These additional services impact the timeline & cost to you.
  • Special ink color or special inks - These need to be ordered ahead of time to avoid expedited charges &  delay in the start of your project.

DELIVERY & PICKUP  OF PROJECT:  To offer competitive pricing, I kindly ask that you meet me to drop off your materials at a Starbucks location near my home.  Of course, you're always welcome to mail your materials to me.   I'll provide you with the mailing address or the directions/address to the Starbucks when I send you the contract.


  • Ink color & special inks, other than black ($10 for non-metallic or white and $13 for metallic ink).
  • Additional envelopes or projects added to the signed worksheet.
  • Envelopes/place cards or project that have to be redone due to client error. 
  • Postage to mail finished product to client.
  • Any project supplies or materials provided by calligrapher - agreed in advance by both parties & will be added to final total.
  • Delivery fee to client - I must agree to this in advance - cost will be based on distance.

PAYMENT:  A non-refundable deposit for at least 1/2 of the total cost of the project is required at the time that the envelopes or materials are mailed or dropped off.  The remaining balance is due upon delivery or prior to mailing of finished project.  You can pay by check, PayPal or cash (as long as not mailing cash).

YOUR GUEST LIST - please read carefully - click on pdf below for printable instructions

The accuracy of your guest list is YOUR responsibility.  My goal is always to get it right the first time -  so the following  procedures better ensure that your project is completed timely and accurately: 

  • Please prepare your guest list in a WORD document, typed down the left side of the page only -  NO GOOGLE DOCUMENTS, EXCEL SPREADSHEETS OR PDF FILES. 
  • Spell out all words such as state names, Street, Parkway, Avenue, Apartment, etc.
  • Please provide all names, addresses & zips by the project start date.
  • Please proof your information before sending to me.
  • Please provide me a hard copy as well as an electronic word document of your list.

If you have questions on how to address certain envelopes, please print out the Etiquette Chart (pdf below) or feel free to contact me with your inquiries.

Want a printable version? See below

Guidelines Sheet 2018 (pdf)


Etiquette Chart & Invite Assembly (pdf)